Selling Cars

Tips for Reselling a Salvaged Car

When a car gets damaged, and its repair bill amounts to a bigger amount than its actual value, it will have to be labeled as a “salvaged car” by resellers. Despite all seeming contrariness to reason, there is a reason why people salvage cars and sell them, and there is also a veritable market for these so-called junk cars. But selling these kinds of vehicles needs a special strategy apart from selling average second-hand vehicles.

Getting a “salvaged” title for your car need not be a total loss; a salvaged car is still perfectly sellable under the right conditions. Here are some tips on how to make the most of repurposed vehicles, especially at car auctions.

  1. Make sure that all repair receipts are intact and organized – if your car incurs great damage during an accident or a natural disaster, they may declare the vehicle as “beyond repair” and simply provide an amount for a salvaging process. If you would repair your vehicle prior to selling, make sure you keep documentation of each and every tweak you would administer, from the body to the electrical parts. Your customer would very much like to be aware of what the car’s history has been before buying it. If you would sell it for someone willing to restore it, have a copy of the insurance company’s report handy just in case.
  2. Take in the car for an assessment – it is best to have this assessment performed by an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanic. This is essential if you are fixing up the car before selling it. The ASE certified mechanic will ensure that all repairs have been done accordingly. It will cost you some more dollars, but it will greatly increase your chances of selling the car, and also help you avoid any unpleasant future lawsuits for wrongfully declaring your car’s condition.
  3. Presentation Matters – take your car to the carwash, clean the interiors, and shine up the mirrors and windows. This is a minor detail, but again, it can make all the difference in successfully sending off salvage autos for sale.
  4. Expect to perform a demonstration of what repairs have been done – your customer would not simply pick up and drive your salvaged vehicle away. Aside from presenting documentation of the repairs, show specifically where and how each repair has been done. A well-informed customer has higher chances of buying your salvaged car, since he’s already aware that he’s already on the lookout for a bargain vehicle in the first place.

The most important tip in making a profit out of salvage autos for sale? Be as honest as possible. Don’t expect to make a big profit in selling repaired junk cars. After all, you’re not selling a simple second-hand ride. People who are honest and have their cars presented well at car auctions have higher chances of sealing the deal – even if they are selling something once declared as “done for.”