Buying Tips

eBay Salvage Cars

eBay is the proverbial pot of gold for all sorts of treasures both real and illegitimate – especially cars at the best prices and best values. People who own salvage cars and cannot sell their cars at a traditional car auction will always find several bidders on eBay. These cars are a dime a dozen on the site, all one has to do is type in “salvage car auction” on the search bar and the options would be almost infinite.

There are definitely all sorts of salvage autos for sale on eBay. Some are junk cars beyond belief, some are typical repaired vehicles that users cannot find personal buyers for just yet, and some are really just great cars for great prices that it almost seems like destiny when you chance upon them. So how do you go about picked the best from the wide salvage car auction over there at eBay? Here are some tips:

  • Have a very specific list in mind – even before you do your search on eBay, it would be a good idea to already have a model, or a type of salvage car for sale that you already wish to buy. Doing the selection right on eBay can be very overwhelming – and you may overlook real deals along the way.
  • Bid sparingly – place a bid only on the salvage cars that you really set out to look for. If you come across a vehicle that seems good but wasn’t on your original choice list, use the “watch this” feature to come back for it if your pre-selected options do not work out.
  • Check the Feedback – see what other buyers have to say about the seller and his other products. Ideally, be wary of sellers that have no feedback, but you can always call the seller himself, or check reference when you decide to head out and see the car for yourself.
  • Do not limit your options – look for no-reserve bids on the salvage car auction models, and make sure you can cancel, if in a physical assessment, the car does not appear to meet the online specifications created by the seller.
  • Use the power of the net – not just by helping you get the best value for salvage autos for sale, but to check the real value of the junk cars sold on eBay. Carfax and online pricing services are useful and usually free resources.
  • Bid your own price – bidding at a car auction does not mean fighting for one car – bid the price which you think is just for the vehicle, and wait if you win it. If you don’t, then go look for the car which you can get at its proper value. You are on eBay to save and not to win a bidding game.
  • Consider travel and delivery costs – in determining the final value of the salvage car for sale. If you would have to travel cross country or book plane tickets to seal the deal on salvage autos for sale, then decide hard if it is really worth it.

Good luck.