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Donating a Junk Car to Charity

Here’s the thing about donating your junk cars over to a charity: it’s much less of a hassle. With a junk yard or a junk shop, what you’re going to get is a shop keeper that is going to want to haggle, and whenever you’re in that sort of situation, frustration inevitably ensues. But if you donate to charity, what you’ll get is a relatively hassle free experience, and the thing is, is that you’ll likely realize more value from a charity than you will from a shop or yard. The reason this is the case, usually, is because shop keepers prices are nimble, they can properly reflect the ailing economy, whereas charities will go by book value prices, and will not really have an incentive to do anything else, because theyíre merely declaring the value, and not actually paying out this amount.

Where to Donate Cars

So then the question is, where do you donate a salvage car? Well there are a number of charity organizations in your area that you can choose from. You’re likely to already know of a few non-profits or even foundations that you can turn to, as many of these organizations place billboards up advertising that they actually take these cars as a donation. Salvage autos are currently a huge stock of what are coming in as donations to charities these days.

Car Donation and Non-Profit Charities

The beauty of donating your salvage cars, junk cars to charity is the tax benefit of course. There are a number of ways that you can use these tax breaks and credits. They will indeed come in the way of credits or even deduction; it’s all a matter of how you and your accountant plan to claim the tax incentive come tax season. 

Benefits of buying a Salvage or Junk Cars

On the other end of it, there are a number of benefits to buying salvage cars. For one, if youíre into rebuilding and restoring vintage autos, you could likely pick up parts at a steep discount if you purchase them by picking up an entire salvage auto at the yard. And of course, if youíre into restoring and rehabbing, you could even find a gem-junk cars that are really worth putting a lot of time in to restoring. A lot of collectors find a lot of good deals this way.