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Buy Government Salvage Cars

There are several sites as well as local dealers where you can purchase salvage cars.  But did you know that you can purchase salvage cars direct from the government? Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a comprehensive list of Salvage vehicles for sale on there site. The motor vehicles have been subject to destructive testing, starting with model year 1996, under the 200 or 300 series of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or under the New Car Assessment Program. When these vehicles are no longer needed for evaluation purposes, they are made available for sale to the public by the General Services Administration. Because of the nature of the destructive testing, each of these vehicles is sold for “salvage” only, with the transfer document bearing the restriction that the vehicle is not to be titled for use on the road.

This list is provided to the public and is updated periodically by NHTSA as additional vehicles are destructively tested.

NHTSA Salvage