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How to Buy Salvaged Cars for Cheap at Auction

It’s not rare to see a salvage car for sale at car auctions (like Copart) and online car sites. There will always be people who will be looking for the cheapest car they can find, and there will always be individuals who would hope to make at least minimal profit with a vehicle that has been declared as “damaged beyond repair.”

Of course, it is quite impossible to sell at a car auction a vehicle which is truly damaged beyond any repair – but when a car’s repair bills amount a price very near to the car’s supposed value, insurance companies can refuse to pay off the repair costs, provide a smaller subsidy, and simply declare the car as “salvaged.” Thus, if you will go to car sales, you will find a lot of salvage car auctions for flood cars, cars that have been through severe accidents, or are simply very old.

Even though a salvage car for sale is already expected to be very cheap, it wouldn’t hurt to still be on the lookout for the best value at a salvage auction. So how you buy salvage autos for sale at the best price? Here are some points to consider.

Buying Repaired vs. Doing Repairs Yourself

The owners of damaged or flood cars will sometimes hope to increase their chances of selling their cars by investing on the repairs themselves. A repaired salvaged car would definitely save you the hassle of having to take in a car for an assessment and waiting for it to be resuscitated to driving condition. But if you have the right connections and know some good shops in your area, you might try having the repairs done yourself. You will truly be able to get a damaged car at rock bottom price, if you are completely positive that your contacts are capable of doing major overhauls and “miracle” repairs.

Looking for Proper Documentation

If you are setting your eyes on repaired salvaged cars, always make sure to look at all the repair receipts, the insurance papers, and on the vehicle itself. Honest resellers will always be willing to present these documents to be able to sell their vehicle to you. This is just a precaution to ensure that the car will be at least safe and functional when you finally take it home.

On a tight budget, buying junk cars can be a matter of serendipity – of finding that one great car among all the beaten up, smashed, or flood cars for sale at the garage. But it is not a crazy endeavor. With a good eye, complete information, and persistence, you will be able to find the salvaged vehicle which you can take home and breathe a second life into.